The Stone Age
The Stone Age is the entry stage of the whole game, there are 6 levels of civilization at this time, players need to buy 1 Lv1 level relic, and at least 3 farmers (2 men and 1 woman), and buy 2 production tools (1 stone axe Lv1 + 1 stone pickaxe Lv1).
Game Contents:
Relics: Purchase the Lv1 and upgrade with the resources in reserve. You can also upgrade by purchasing resources from the store.
Farmers: Buy at least 2 to enter the game and unlock more farmers as the level of relics increases.
Tools: Stone axes and stone pickaxes, upgrade continuously, the higher the level, the more the benefits.
Map Resources:
As map resources are refreshed every 24 hours, the higher the civilization level, the more controllable the map, the more resources, the more resources are refreshed
You can use governance tokens to actively refresh map resources.
Digging the stone
Digging fruit
Ploughing the land,
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