The Metallurgical Age
Guided by the wisdom of followers, civilized science and technology has developed rapidly, and productivity is constantly improving.From the Stone Age, into the metallurgical era. The warlocks follow the instructions of the relics, popularize metallurgical technology to the world.Metal tools have been applied to some extent, and it will raise the possibility of people to explore.
Unlocking three strange exploratory Spaces, this will be a significant update, the copy of the same existence, to bring more support to the main economy. People's tools, from tools of production only, turn towards to expend to develop with metallic weapons. There is a better way of plunder on the race and fierce animals of low productivity. Does plunder replace production or does it parallel with production?
The game leaves the final answer to all the players.
Tools to unlock: axes, shovels
Farmers unlock: Digging iron ore and train militias
Map unlock: Unlocks three expandable areas
Unlock skills: Pillage and expansion
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