Hunting is an activity performed by different numbers of farmers in teams. First-level farmers cannot participate in hunting and do not need to carry any tools. The duration of one hunting is 1 hour, and multiple groups of hunting activities cannot be performed at the same time; Female farmers cannot participate in hunting activities. Farmers participating in hunting need to consume a fixed amount of food, and the consumption is different for different levels; farmers participating in hunting can also have various combinations, with a minimum number of no less than 3; a maximum of 9; farmers of different levels can be combined, The more the number of farmers, the lower the probability of death, and the higher the level of farmers, the more harvest they can obtain; The income from hunting is much greater than that of farmers from labor, and three different amounts of income can be obtained: food, wood, and ore; at most, the equivalent income of 6 times the amount of food consumed can be obtained.
Unlock Hunting: Level 2 Male Farmer
Hunting group: minimum of 3 male farmers
Hunting wastage: All farmers, or groups, die
Hunting earnings: food, wood, and ore
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