1. What are the entry requirements for playing the game?
To participate in the game, you must first buy a relic, a female farmer, and the female farmer can produce food, which can be used to upgrade or exchange corresponding tokens; Male farmer wore different tools to produce wood and stone ore; They can be used to upgrade the game and can be exchanged for corresponding tokens.
2. How many stages are there in the game? When will it be available?
The game has three main stages; Stage 1: Stone Age; The second stage: metallurgical age; The third stage: the cold weapons era; The first stage will be synchronized online after the CONQ token is listed on the PancakeSwap; Other reference the maps.
3. What are the main functions of relic?
The grade of relic mainly determines the number of farmers involved in the work, the grade is higher; The more farmers available to work, the output is higher;
4. What are the NFT's in the game? How to guarantee its price?
There are two types of NFT characters in the game: farmers and tools; The price for primary farmers is anchored BNB, 0.18BNB is for one male farmers, and 0.15BNB is for one female farmer; So it's holding its value. The higher level is rarer.
The price of the initial instrument is a fixed number of CONQ tokens; Players can level it up, the higher level is more expensive; Players can decide how much they want to sell it on the market.
5. What kind of things can be traded in an exchange market? Is there a fee?
Players can sell NFT farmers and tools freely on the market, with a 5% transaction tax paid by the seller.
6. What determines a farmer's output?
The farmer's output is determined by the farmer's level and the level of tools he wears; the grade is higher, the yield is higher. The farmer's grade determines the output efficiency; The grade of the tool determines the total output;
7. What are the main materials produced in the game? What can they be used for?
Materials in the first edition of the main food, wood, stone ore; Can be used to upgrade relics, farmers, tools. It can also be exchanged directly into the corresponding sub-coins for CONQ tokens.
8. What about the fixed weekly bonus for game players?
Game players can enjoy CONQ token bonus at a fixed time of a week, at a fixed time, each Saturday UTC 12:00AM; more than 3 days will be returned to the bonus pool if bonus has not been taken.Bonus profits get from 5% tax of CONQ flow pool, all players allocate 20% of the total tax averagely, according to the time players buy relics and NFT, the time is earlier, the grade is higher ; relic grade weight accounts for 50%, male farmers account for 20%, female farmers account for 15%; NFT items account for 15%
9. How many tokens are there in the game? What is the transaction fee?
There are four tokens in the Conqueror Stone Age; CONQ is the main token for the entry game, Transaction fee is 5%; sell 10%; it is recommended to buy 6% and sell 11%; the game output is mainly CQS, CQW, CQF; buy 0, sell 3%; 3% for permanent destruction.Their corresponding contract address is:
CQS :0x458b9be3Cdc1FB0aB9Bb56c6e518e054F0981F11
CQW :0x3219BB2d71eDFf7e22a0257b268Cc4b7c9cd1846
CQF :0x2BB3Ee308c915Bde6dEA30C1AAB82b326be1046e
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