Background Information

In the Metaverse world, there is a Planet X. After hundreds of millions of years of changes and development on this planet, the human beings on the planet gradually become the largest group of animals and become the actual owners of the planet. However, the current progress of human civilization on this planet is very slow, it is still in the transition from primitive society to racial Stone Age.
Human beings on the planet are confused by the three major human soul questions: "Who am I?" "Where am I from?" and "Where am I going?" . They are full of fear for the future.
In the name of God, it is urgent to unite the people around through the construction of relics, so that they can worship and establish the initial belief.
After the relics are built, the basis of belief is established. Only in this way can people on Planet X unite and cooperate as much as possible, taught to survive, collect materials, produce agriculture and produce equipment, and work together to form a tribe, so as to develop science and technology and promote the progress of civilization.